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Friday, October 24.

Dear Andrew and John,

Just a few lines to say all's well and let's hope you're on your way. I got your letter of the 17th here at the office today, Andrew, and Mommie's from John came out to Hydes she told me lunchtime.

The only eventful thing worth mentioning is that last night while I was teaching, someone sprung the car door and stole my topcoat off the back seat; they left the raincoat right beside it. And I had the car parked right on the corner under a bright neon sign at a parking lot on Park Avenue. I wasn't in the parking lot but you couldn't help but see someone fooling with the car. I tried to find a cop but finally gave up and went home. The damage to the car is covered by insurance but the coat is goodbye.

Hurry home.


Editor's note:

This is the last of 68 letters Charles sent to his brothers in Korea. A year before, the trip to Korea was a rough one. The ship on which the brothers traveled took a long time arriving because it "zig-zagged" to avoid possible submarines. John especially hated the trip and told his brother that he wouldn't be surprised if they went home on the same "God damned" ship.

The brothers came home safely on the same ship that brought them to Korea. John and Andrew returned to the jobs they had before the war. Andrew was a supervisor for Chevron Oil Company and retired around 1987.

John became the editor of The American Home Builders magazine. He founded the Long Green Valley Playhouse and performed and directed many plays and independent movies from 1960 and until his death in 1980.

Charles continued working for the Burtons. In 1957 they moved across the street from "The Inn" to 13107 Long Green Pike. He and Ann raised three more children.

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Cel Petro said...

I knew there wasn't a limitless supply of your father's letters to his brothers and that he was awaiting their return soon, but I've been following these letter by letter. I have really enjoyed being transported to 1952 Baltimore, especially the wealth of information about television shows. Thanks for posting these.